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Mining Act Amendment Bill Inquiry - Information and Templates for Submissions.

A new inquiry into the Mining Legislation Amendment Bill has been announced and this page provides some information and downloadable templates for you to submit your concerns with the changes to the Parliamentary Committee that is looking at the Amendments.

Submission Templates
Letter to APLA Relating to the Inquiry
Media Release R McSweeney

***URGENT Submission Deadline is only 2 weeks away - by 4.00 pm on the 24th March ***

New inquiry into Mining Legislation Amendment Bill Announced


Submission must be lodged with the Committee by 4pm on Thursday March 24 2016.

APLA will be making an Organisation submission and appearing in person before the Committee but members and the Public are encouraged to make their won submissions to the Committee relating to the Mining Act Amendment Bill.

This page provides information about the Terms of Reference and how to make a submission.


If you are unaware of APLA Concerns about this legislation this apage refers

A Copy of the Marked Up changes to the Mining Act that are being made is available here

Submission Template

Here are three submission Templates that you can use to provide a submission to the Inquiry.

(1) The first Word document is a completed submission showing the user added material in blue and the form structure in black text

This is an example provided by Dr Bob  Fagan and how you use it is:

  • Open the copy in Word,
  • Delete the blue text,
  • Insert your own information,
  •  Save the file with a meaningful name and
  • Send this to the committee using one of the methods described at the bottom of the document.

    You can send as many submissions as you like and it may be useful to break your concerns down into manageable bites for submission on individual topics.


(2) The second is a Word Document  Submission Form That is blank so you can Complete the Details yourself.


(3) The Third document is a PDF that you can Download, Print and Complete in Handwriting and send in.


Letter to APLA relating to the Inquiry

Standing Committee on Legislation 


Amalgamated Prospectors & Leaseholders Association of Western Australia

Corner Lane Street and Piesse Street

Boulder WA 6432


26 February 2016


Inquiry into Mining Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

On 23 February 2016, the Legislative Council referred the Mining Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 to the Standing Committee on Legislation for its inquiry and report by Tuesday, 10 May 2016.

As part of its consultation, the Committee invites you to provide a written submission on matters relating to the scope, purpose, policy and structure of the Bill.

The text of the Bill is on the Parliamentary website (select: Bills / M / Mining Legislation Amendment Bill 2015).  

The closing date for submissions is Thursday, 24 March 2016 at 4.00pm. Submissions received after this date are unlikely to be considered. If you are unable to present your submission by the closing date, please contact the Parliamentary Officer (Committees).

Submissions are confidential until the Committee releases them. You should not disclose your submission to others until the Committee authorises its public release.

It is normal practice for Legislative Council standing committees to authorise the publication of submissions at some stage during its inquiry. These submissions are then available to the public on request. Your submission may be placed on the internet by the Committee.


It is important that any request for the Committee to prohibit publication of all or part of the submission, or the identity of the author, be attached to the submission when it is lodged. It is necessary that you state why you wish the material to remain confidential. If you want part of the submission kept confidential please ensure that the relevant section is placed on a separate page/s to the remainder. The Committee will consider requests for confidentiality, but retains the power to publish any submission. The Legislative Council may also authorise publication.


The Committee is likely to hold hearings in April 2016. If you wish to appear before the Committee, please make that request when the submission is lodged.

Written information about the form and content of submissions can be obtained from the Committee Office or viewed on the Parliamentary website at: (Choose Committees / Legislative Council Guide to Making Submissions to a Parliamentary Committee.) In addition to any hard copy of the submission, an electronic copy of the submission emailed to would be appreciated.

For inquiries, or lodging submissions contact:


David Driscoll

Parliamentary Officer (Committees)

Standing Committee on Legislation

GPO: Box A11



Telephone: 9222 7404 Facsimile: 9222 7805


Yours sincerely


Hon Robyn McSweeney MLC



Media Release 24 February 2015  From Hon Robyn McSweeney Chair

"The Standing Committee on Legislation has announced the commencement of an inquiry into the Mining Legislation Amendment Bill 2015. As you are aware, the Bill was referred to Committee last week on the back of pressure from The Nationals WA in Government and the prospecting industry.

The Committee is empowered to enquire into and report on the policy of the Bill, which makes changes to the environmental regulatory framework and approvals of mining activities within the State.

The Committee invites written submissions from interested parties on matters relating to the scope, purpose, policy and structure of the Bill. When making a submission, interested persons may also express an interest in being heard in person. Submissions must be lodged with the Committee by 4.00pm on Thursday March 24, 2016. Requests for all or part to be kept anonymous must be made at the time of submission. "

For your information please find the official guide for making a submission to a Committee attached to this email. Information about the form and content of submissions can also be obtained from the Committee Office or viewed on the Parliament’s website at


The Committee will hold hearings on date/s to be advised in April 2016. Inquiries can be directed to Mr David Driscoll, Parliamentary Officer (Committees) on (08) 9222 7404(08) 9222 7404. Further information regarding the Committee is available at