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A Petition has been arranged to protest about the new Gold Tax, A Tax the Labor Government promised NOT to introduce prior to their election.

Here is the wording of the petition, which can be downloaded and completed here : 2017-10-15_Petition_gold_Tax.pdf

This is the wording of the Petition and you can download it and complete it.

Person promoting the Petition: Graeme Campbell, 72 Hare St, Kalgoorlie WA 6430


To the President and Members of the Legislative Council of Western Australia in Parliament assembled
We the undersigned residents of Western Australia respectfully ask Honourable Members to note that the
changes to the WA gold royalty proposed by the Budget:
1. Will severely reduce investment and create an atmosphere of sovereign risk
2. Will kill jobs, including jobs held by indigenous Australians.
3. Will cripple exploration and harm many suppliers and contractors.
4. Will drive families out of the Goldfields and out of Western Australia.
5. Will through GST redistribution earn more revenue for other States than for Western Australia.
6. Will immediately shift some mines from marginal to unprofitable and cause them to close.
Your petitioners therefore humbly pray that the Legislative Council return the Appropriation (Recurrent
2017-18) Bill 2017 to the Legislative Assembly with the request that no change be made to the gold royalty.
And your petitioners as in duty bound, shall ever pray.

Letter to Minister from APLA 9/10/2017

2017-10-09_APLA letter to Ben Wyatt re Gold Royalty.pdf